A n R Industries (Pvt) ltd

Supplying and providing complete glass & mirror solutions

A n R Industries (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading companies in the industry today with the expertise in Glass and mirrors, supply and services. Today, we are known for fast delivery of materials and to the complete customer satisfaction in every project we undertake. Our primary strength is our passion to not simply execute your projects but add value at every step.

We offered both interior and exterior glass work with quality services using stylish tools to meet the modern requirements for design and durability. Our services are wide utilised in residential and commercial sectors making A n R Industries a default choice of esteemed customers of Sri Lanka.


Finishing the sharp edges of cut glass is applied for safe handling, chip reduction, or aesthetics is called glass edging. At AnR Industries, we provide angled and multilevel bevels, seams, corner dubbing, circle or flat ground, pencil, and polished edging.

Flat Edges – Diamond embedded grinding wheels put a satin finish on the edge.

Pencil Edges – Diamond embedded grinding wheels put a satin finish on the edge, with an edge radius similar to pencil or C-shape.

Safety Seamed Edge – (Swiped Edge, chamfered edge)
A sanding belt is used to lightly sand off the sharp edge of the glass.

Dubbed Corners – The sharp edge of each corner can be nubbed or broken as required (chamfered or radius corner).

Stepped and Route Surfaces – Glass is ground away to leave a step or lip.

Beveled Edges – (3) styles – Ground or polished bevels on glass or mirror, circles, rectangles to any degree can be provided

Bullnose Edges (Half & Full) – These are typically polished edges (can be ground if required) that are similar to pencil edges, the difference being that the bullnose edge is a full radius curve where the diameter matches the thickness of the glass substrate. There are specific profiles where the relief angles can be different, typically where aesthetics are important or for critical applications where the edge of the glass could affect functionality.

General specifications for edging glass substrates are:

Minimum Substrate Thickness: 0.020″ (0.5 mm)
Maximum Substrate Thickness: 1″ (25.4 mm) – will have overall size limitations
Tolerances: ±0.001″ to ±0.010″ dependent upon size and shape of glass parts
Maximum Substrate Size: 110″ x 60″ (2794 mm x 1524 mm) up to 6 mm thick at this size.
Can provide edge treatments for thicker substrates in smaller sizes, consult factory.