New Alutec Group is one of the leading companies in the aluminum industries in Sri Lanka. Incorporated in 2006, the group has built a solid foundation, a resilient business model, and a project portfolio that is diverse in terms of market demand and industry specifications.

We have operational expertise with qualified management teams and visionary next-generation leadership that is committed to managing and streamlining the business procedures. We have strategic assets in the aluminum industry, an expanding portfolio of projects, and notable financial strength.

During the last decade, these collective strengths have ensured New Alutec Group’s rapid expansion and will support our growth in the years ahead. Throughout the past decade, New Alutec Group has adopted new technologies to sharpen our competitive edge and improve the efficiency of our operations.

We have also implemented health & safety protocols within the organization with the aim of creating safer working conditions for the employee as well as for the public.

We are looking to the future with optimism and expect to be able to increase our market presence in Asia in the coming years whilst maintaining our reputation as one of the leading aluminum solution providers in the country.


Anil De Silva

New Alutec Group